Raft Wars 2

Playing Raft Wars will make you  happier :)

There is no doubt that gaming has taken the world by storm, and that many people have now taken to buying consoles or high class video cards just to keep up with current titles. Of course, not everyone can afford a $200 dollar upgrade, so instead, there are online game websites you can play for free. These sites have obviously evolved over time, showcasing games like Raft Wars 2 and a varying batch of genres and game types.

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Currently, it is a good time to a gamer because you won’t need more than a basic video card to play these games. The best part is that most motherboards that were currently released have that very same video card, and even older models that were the gaming pinnacle back then can still run them. So what is so unique about this game?

Everybody can play Raft Wars

One of the reasons why games get so much flak right now is that there are titles that are too concentrated on violence or mature subject matter. Truthfully, this is nothing new and among classics there were those games that really weren’t for children. For nostalgia’s sake, a lot of the mature titles were buried and forgotten. This game doesn’t subscribe to mature ideas, but at the same time, it doesn’t lend its mechanics to simple ideas. There’s a level of tactics that is involved in the game that really expand how the game works. While it is aim and shoot, you still have to think about the right angle and direction, which your projectile takes. This makes it challenging enough for anyone to get into it. This level of approachability really makes the difference in games and even kids will be okay to play this game.

Raft Wars 2


Refined Gameplay Mechanics

Another big reason why people have a generally hard time getting into games is that gameplay mechanics sometimes do get too muddled. Often the controller is a strange and unfamiliar device and the keyboard a sluggish tool. In this game, all you need to make the shots is the mouse. Generally, you just move the cursor to aim, and push the right button to shoot your pressurized water gun. The physics is also cleaned off so that it isn’t too complicated. One can play it through point and shoot style, while others can think about the shot and figure out a good angle to make the hit. Overall, the game boasts a simple system so that anyone can play it.

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Gaming on a Budget with Flash Titles

Besides just approaching many people with a single title, another major gaming hurdle is the tech in gaming machines. There was a rundown above, so instead of reiterating it, you can instead learn a little about other flash titles. There are countless games you might want to look into, and a lot of them are very high quality ( Especially the newest versions  like Fancy Pants Adventure 3 or Duck Life 5).  At the same time, they are free to play so you won’t have to worry about buying anything. All they require of you is a good internet connection and you’re good to go.