Play Raft Wars

Play Raft Wars for free and have fun :)

There are tons of games online and since there are more than a few thousand game developers that want to make it big, there are only more being introduced online. While the world of gaming has grown into many branches, it’s still good to note that there are a few solid titles out there that just offer fun gameplay without complicating ideas. So with that in mind, why dont you play Raft Wars , and find out just how fun it is to fight off pirate hordes in order to protect your treasure? You might be surprised to find yourself going back to it after a few tries.


The game is fairly straight forward, and the story attached doesn’t really matter. Your motivations are simple, and don’t need to be explained. In fact, the story is so inconsequential it just acts as a sort of plot device that frames why you are there. Other than that, it serves no crucial role unless of course you really want to feel like the older brother defending a baby’s hidden treasure stash. Besides that,  the game functions both like Worms and Angry Birds with a different art direction and style tacked unto it. the main objective is to eliminate all opponents on the opposite side of the screen with as little ammo as you can. There are a few other weapons available to you, like the rocket ammo type, but sticking to the tennis balls will really teach you how each shot matters. The shooting mechanics are mostly physics based, like Worms, but you cannot control your units in a such a way that you can give them cover. This adds a bit more challenge in that you aren’t completely safe from enemy attacks either.


Besides that, there is a cute little upgrade system that extends the game a bit more, though not by much because if you aimed well, protected all your people, and didn’t waste any bullets, you’d have all the upgrades by the fourth level. Any extra cash you may have should be used towars buying much better ammo for your weapons, because there will be nothing to spend on after all upgrades are attained. The gameply is very simply, so you’re sure to have a fun time without taxing challenge. The game also borrows a lot of elements from different titles, and refines them into their bear essentials.

There are probably a lot of sites that play host to this game, but usually, the best ones are more hidden than that. Sure there are a few that are prominent, but sticking to them might inevitably limit your choices. You see, some sites try not to stray far from the formulaic games that have already gained some renown. To find even better games, you might have to dig a little deeper through the results pages and find the titles like Raft Wars. A great site with a lot of diversity in genres will have you coming back again and again. To spot a great site, all you have to do is find the ones with prominent titles that are mixed in with a little bit of the new.