Raft Wars 1

Raft Wars 1: Shoot-y Fun in the Middle of the Sea

Pirates, both new and old, treasure hunters, seekers of wealth. All of these may only have one thing in common, and that is their love of treasure long lost to the sea. In the Raft Wars 1, you’re none of the above, but it is your mission to protect the treasure your little brother found while having a day on the beach. You are stranded because all these treasure seekers have destroyed your ship, and the only thing available to you to fight back is a pressurized water cannon along with tennis balls, rockets and grenades. Have you followed so far? Well, the short of it is that this is the premise of the game, and it is preposterous much like other games of the same nature.

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As a whole the game delivers what it shows off within the first few minutes of trying it. The action is solid and turn based, along with a lot of tactical aiming and proper use of ammo. The enemies are located to the right of your screen and cannot be seen when you’re starting to take a shot. Since this is the case, you may start estimating shots through the time face of a clock. That means you’ll be thinking “1 o’clock high” or something similar each time you start aiming. That’s actually the bit of fun in the game because once you catch yourself doing it; you’ll start wondering just how serious you take each round.

Of course, the charm of the game is not only found in simple mechanics. It is also found in the aesthetic design of the world where you fight. As you might think, almost all levels are set on a beach side while you fight off the attacking ship hordes. This wouldn’t be so important, if the world wasn’t as bright as it is designed. The look of the game is really adorable and the colors are vibrant enough to make it attractive to all ages. Kids can enjoy it, while adults won’t be annoyed by the color palette. At the same time, the characters are all simply designed, and look like the old style cartoons. Even the menacing pirates and Vikings are little more than cute caricatures. Impacts on enemies and your allies aren’t really violent, and they usually end up simply pushing the enemies a little bit further to the edges of the ships.

Raft War 1 Level 8

Another thing that makes the game a little more replayable is that there is a light upgrade system. You can improve your ship to increase the damage it takes and expand the space where you can fight. At the same time, you can gain new allies with each upgrade, and the max size of the ship will really improve your fighting chance. Another bonus is the ammo type you can shoot from your pressurized water gun. You start with low damage tennis balls, and move on to area of effect rockets and grenades. However, if you buy special ammo types, you’ll end up with little money and will be unable to buy upgrades. Overall, even with all the bells and whistles, the game is a fun few minutes of your time. The ten levels are pretty good all on their own.