How to Play the Raft Wars 2 Game

The Raft Wars 2 game is a game with a simple idea, but the thing here is that it can get difficult all on its own. Of course, while there are challenges that might get you stuck in certain levels, there are also points when you have less hardship figuring out how to blow those pirates out of the water. For those that have a harder time figuring out the game, there are ways and methods by which you can survive through the whole game with relatively no problem. This can be done in multiple ways, but there are three solid tips by which you can survive the longest and gain the highest score.

Accuracy is Everything

In a game centered around taking out an enemy on the far right of the screen, it is necessary that you look for ways to do this without resorting to guesswork. Of course, there is a reason why the game needs you to be accurate, and that is because you need to hit with as little misses as you can. To hit anymore than needed, will result in a poor score, and will reflect badly on your end game score. On top of that, the enemies you encounter have a hefty amount of health, which is problematic all on its own. So taking down a few enemies with well adjusted shots from your raft will save you a lot of time and points. As a side note, points awarded is usually in the form of cash so this segues into…


Use Cash for Upgrades, Ammo comes later

One major thing that makes Raft Wars a little better than most other clones is that it has its own upgrade system. Through this, you can upgrade your ship to accomodate more fighters, which will then let you fight with even more gusto. Another thing to note is that with more survivors alive at the end of each level, the more points you are awarded. Of course, there is no way to protect these fellow crew mates other than being more accurate than the enemy. Other than that, upgrades also increase your staying power in the water, so if you want to keep alive for much longer it’s mandatory that you buy all the upgrades as early as you can. Ammo really just takes a back seat to this because they can be expensive and you run out after each level.


Practice makes Perfect

Okay, so this title is not one of those games that will have you coming back to it because of its awesomeness. While the whole game can range all of a few minutes, it does help that you take the time to repeat certain levels. This is essentially for the sake of your shots and accuracy, so it does pay off. On the off chance you play these games to kill a few minutes each break you have, or as a means to off load stress, then practicing only adds to the replayability of the game. Follow these few tips and you’ll be sure to have a great score by the end of each level.