Raft Wars Online


Raft Wars Online: Blow Off a Few Minutes with Fun

While there are countless new game titles coming out, it is worthy to note that these games tend to be advertised like movies. If you look at a trailer and find that the content is awesome, you might have fallen for the glammor that game makers make. Often a game only looks good, and content is at times thrown to the sidelines. At times, it is a good thing to be enamored by a pretty sight, but much like a nice commercial, you’ll be looking for more beyond that. So instead of falling in love with another gray-brown shooter clone, why not play something fun that wouldn’t cost you a cent. There are tons out there, and Raft Wars Online is just one of the many you can try out.

Raft Wars

Pirates, Vikings, and between the two, an assortment of different treasure seekers. These are the enemies you face when fighting for the diamonds your little brother found one day. Seems absurd, but so is saving the world from the Nth evil wizard, mastermind, dragon creature. In this game, your primary aim is to shoot down all the enemies you have who are all too vigilant in trying to steal your treasure. That game is controlled through the mouse, and with each accurate shot, you get a better score at the end of the level. At the same time, you also get the option to upgrade the ship you use so that you can have even more men at your disposal.



Another unique take on the puzzler genre, this game has you play the role of a patient in a mental institution who is desperately trying to escape. Here, puzzles are mixed and the doors of the institution aren’t the only things stopping your from getting out. You see, one of the greatest enemies you’ll face in your escape is your own mind, which is constantly playing tricks on you. This makes for an all too entertaining romp into the twisted mind of a mand just trying to escape his fate. Overall, it will have you questioning just how each level works, and how you can get out of each puzzle with as little effort as possible. This makes the game highly addictive, and you’ll probably keep looking for it long after you’re done with it.


Robot Unicorn Attack

If you’re relatively new to the flash games, then you would be forgiven for not knowing one of the most populare games ever to come out. As the title suggest, you play as a robot unicorn, and your main objective is to “reach your dream”. How can you do that, you may ask. Well in total honesty, the game goes on forever and the primary objective is to gain as much points as you can without destroying the robot unicorn. As you progress and get more points, the pace gets faster and it becomes harder to keep up. This cute game is also complemented by one song, that will loop infinitely as you play. That is Erasure’s ‘Always’ and after a while, it gets sickeningly catchy. For those that like the more Metal theme, there is the alternate counterpart to this game which will replace everything with metal themed level design.